FAQ - Maxi Cab Melbourne


How do I book a maxi cab in Melbourne?

There are so many way you can book a maxi cab – Online or by Calling us on 0424 340 009

How much is a maxi cab Melbourne?

Maxi Cab cost starts from $22 to anything depending on the distance and time of the booking.

How many fit in a maxi cab Melbourne?

10 fits in every maxi cab. However there are some maxi taxis which can even take 11 passengers.

How do I book a maxi cab?

Online or by Calling 0424 340 009

Can you pre book a maxi cab?

Yes, The safest way to travel in a maxi cab is to pre-book. You can pre-book 1 year in advance

How much is a taxi to Melbourne Airport?

$60 on average for a sedan and $85 on an average for a maxi cab

How much is a taxi from Tullamarine Airport to Melbourne City?

$60 on average for a sedan and $85 on an average for a maxi cab. Some companies charge extra for waiting.

Do maxi cab cost more?

Yes, Maxi Taxis cost more than a sedan but it works out to be cheaper than 2 sedan taxis and even a Skybus if you have more than 4 people

Where can i book taxis to airport

You can book all airport taxis by visiting this website

These are the most used FAQ however if you still have any more questions. Please feel free to call us on 0424 340 009